The Ashen Crown, the Lords of Madness, and the Queen of Death

Ikar the Black and the Steel Coffin

Arasinya and Sindarin return to Yeraa’s fortress, armed with the knowledge that the House Thuranni assassins brought Yeraa to Ikar’s caravan and placed her in Ikar’s steel coffin. At the gate, Arasinya demands to be brought to her statue. Along the way, she explains the situation to the guards. Once Arasinya and Sindarin reach the cell in which the statue is kept, the guards reluctantly explain that the statue cannot be used by non-goblins. The guards send for the garrison, intending to handle the situation on their own. However, Arasinya and Sindarin tap the statue and vanish, finding themselves on board their airship. Sindarin, upon examing the statue, notes that it was designed to permit goblins and orcs to teleport, but oddly, also specifically allows Arasinya and Sindarin to teleport as well.

Arasiny and Sindarin make for Ikar’s wagon. Confronted with Dex and Arasinya’s accusations, Ikar opens up the door to his backroom, shows them the steel coffin, opens the coffin’s lid and reveals that there is nothing and no one inside of it. It is completely empty. He then locks the door, orders the caravan to pack up and depart, and tells the party to leave.

Arasinya does nothing of the sort: she sits cross-legged on Ikar’s carpet and begins chanting.

Tinker strikes a deal with the bugbear scrapdealer Mock for the pieces of Enoreth in Mock’s possession. In exchange for Enoreth’s soul shard, Tinker promises 500 gold pieces and to share with Mock any knowledge he gains on how the progenitor was constructed, such that Mock would be able to build warforged of equally fine quality. And in exchange for one of Enoreth’s arms, Tinker offers to pay for Ortov of House Cannith to graft the other of Enoreth’s arms onto Mock. Mock agrees and helps Tinker install the soul shard, but the sounds of a commotion in Ikar’s wagon interrupts them before Tinker can install the arm.

The confrontation between Ikar, his guards, and the party, nearly comes to blows. Thanks to a camoflauge ritual cast by Arasinya upon the party, Bogs manages to sneak into the backroom of Ikar’s wagon. Aurora also slips into the backroom by climbing in through the window. Aurora determines that the coffin is linked to another coffin just like it, elsewhere. Assuming the appearance of Ikar, Bogs steps into the coffin and shuts the door behind him.

Meanwhile, through a combination of intimidation and bribery, Dex convinces Ikar to let the party through the coffin. However, when they attempt to open the coffin, they can’t.

Bogs tries to get out but the lid refuses to open. A rattling of chains indicates that it is chained shut. Pulling on a rope dangling through a hole in the coffin, he rings a bell and soon an elvish ghost lets him out into a hold of a ship.

Back in the wagon, the door suddenly springs open and the coffin is empty. Arasinya jumps in next, closing the door behind her.

Bogs, disguised as Ikar, informs the group of elves- some living, some dead- that a group has attacked Ikar’s caravan, searching for Yeraa, and that the battle was going badly. The bell rings, and Arasinya is let out- disguised as Maria, Ikar’s necromancer.

The elves conclude that the best thing to do would be to cast the coffin into the sea and have “Ikar” and “Maria” explain the situation, in person, to “Her Ladyship”.

Meanwhile, Aurora is having second thoughts about this coffin thing. When Tinker steps forward to go next, Mock grabs him by the shoulder, warning him:

“We just made a deal. What good will that deal be if you die? If you go through there, you’ll die for sure.”


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