The Ashen Crown, the Lords of Madness, and the Queen of Death

The Return of Muffy

In the chapel of the Kech Ghalraac fortress, the party confronts Muffy, who is kept in a box on the altar. By confronts, I mean, attempts to interrogate, with the notable exception of Dex, who mostly just throws shards of obsidian at Muffy and laughs.

Muffy is evasive. She tells the party that she is merely one of the many spoils that the Kech Ghalraac claimed from Drynn’s citadel and that she now serves the Kech Ghalraac faithfully. She advised the Kech Ghalraac to return to the surface as the “time was right to reclaim what once was theirs”. The party warns Torrm, the druid elder, to be wary of Muffy’s advice and intelligence.

Dex tries using her connection to the Coat of Eyes to sense if there is anything strange, and realizes that she can feel the heartbeat of every orc and goblin of the Kech Ghalraac. All of their hearts beat as one, in perfect synchrony.

Leaving the fortress, the part makes camp by the airship. Studying the crown, the party determines that it is a fake, with only the power to make goblins more persuasive and to glitter brightly.

Dex and Arasinya travel back to the camp where Arasinya had left the elf spy, but discover that the Kech Ghalraac barghests have reached the camp first. The elf seemed to have escaped, but with the barghest on his trail and travelling on foot, it seems his chances of survival are slim to none.

Returning to the airship, the party discovers Yeraa and several of her guards waiting on deck. Yeraa used the statue she gave Arasinya to teleport from her home to the airship. Yeraa is pleased with what the party has learned and decides to call a meeting of the clan leaders in the capital to discuss the threat posed by the Clan of Heroes.

Yeraa and her guards touch the statue and vanish. Arasinya and Sindarin try to imitate, with no success. Bogs gives it a try and vanishes as well.

Arasinya contacts House Thuranni and arranges a meeting for the next day. The party (with the exception of Bogs) spends the night on the airship. During the night, Tinker studies the statue and learns all its secrets.


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