Inept nefarious madman and explosives expert


Ijavik is a madman with an evil goatee and a friend Arik Blacktree made in Morgrave Sanatarium. Ijavik freed both himself and Arik from the sanatarium. Ijavik then embarked on a mission to “save the world” by trying to alter the course of the dire future predicted by Arik. Ijavik mission involved attempting to kill the party, Gydd Nephret and Dala Arand. He also tried to destroy Morgrave University and Morgrave Sanatarium by planting a bomb beneath Morgrave’s Hall of Psionic Healing. Notably, the bomb was powered by a fragment of the Ashen Crown, “Murkoorak’s Orb” which he referred to as “the focus”, and which is now being used by Arasinya to cast her spells.

Ijavik was coerced by Belahsyrra to make a second bomb, which destroyed Ashurta’s tomb, Blackroot Temple, much of the Borough of Blackroot, and several pieces of the Ashen Crown. Ijavik has since slunk away to parts unknown.