Tinker's crafty goblin creator


Sprot is a goblin artificer who lives in Sharn. Sprot profited during the war by salvaging magical equipment, including broken warforged, from battlefields. Sprot constructed two warforged: Bearing, to aid him in his workshop with the heavy lifting and hard manual labour, and Tinker, to aid him in enchantment and design. Tinker parted ways with Sprot, joining the war as a mercenary working for the Brelish army, then attending Morgrave University to further his understanding of artificing. Sprot was hired by Yeraa to help her reassemble the Ashen Crown, and potentially forge fake pieces to complete it if the actual pieces could not be found. However, in Greywall he disappeared, becoming a captive of the Emerald Claw. He was rescued by Tinker and the party. Bearing, however, was killed by the Claw and left behind in Greywall.