The Ashen Crown, the Lords of Madness, and the Queen of Death

Emerald Claw Ambush

Last time the party returned to the place of their fateful encounter with the Cult of Belashyrra, the Temple of the Sovereign Host in the Borough of Blackroot. Arasinya returned with the intent of claiming the Blade of Ashurta for herself. Dex was worried that the King’s Swords investigating the temple might run afoul of Ashurta’s ghost. Aurora and Tinker were mostly just tagging along. But the party was unexpectedly expected. One Maltassar Bogs was waiting for them in the house of the late Father Murook. He had already heard second-hand an eye-witness account of Arasinya’s theft of the circlet and he was under orders to bring them all to the King’s Citadel Headquarters in Sharn.

Dex slipped from Murook’s house into the temple, where she witnessed Yeraa’s triumphant return from the tomb, shining blade in hand, flanked by three hobgoblin bodyguards, all looking worse for wear. Maltassar, distracted by Dex, didn’t notice Arasinya escaping out of the door of Murook’s dwelling.

Little did Arasinya know, five Karrnathi archers had set up an ambush outside the church. Five arrows later, Arasinya was on the ground bleeding and two of the Karrnathi were descending to snatch the circlet and orb from her.

Yeraa drew the party’s attention to what she dismissed as “a mugging”, presumably failing to recognize the prone form as belonging to the sorceress who stole the circlet from her. While the party scrambled to rescue Arasinya and fend off her attackers, Yeraa and her guards disappeared down a city street.

Ultimately the party killed two of the Karrnathi (Sigor and Rolund) and captured three (Drago the Bearded, Vorik the Afeared of Panthers, and Thadeon the Leader who Leads from a Distance). Drago quickly admits that the five of them were hired by one of the hobgoblins in Yeraa’s war band to obtain the orb and circlet from Arasinya.


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