The Ashen Crown, the Lords of Madness, and the Queen of Death

Kessler's Defeat and The Return to Sharn

“I am very impressed,” begins the assassin. “You have killed our friend Jaenus tvice now. I did not know him vell, but he did gift me those lovely daggers, crafted by artisans in her majesty’s court.”

“I am Baron Kessler, former high commander of the Emerald Claw. I see you are veary. I see it in your eyes. And vhile you may have bested a dragon, you have not yet bested me.”

“You desire to live. I desire the crown. I believe a compromise can be reached.”

As it turned out, the party was not willing to compromise and Kessler’s threats were mostly bluster. Boggs (miraculously) regains consciousness during the fight and Kessler is soon slain. When killed, Kessler turns grey and his features change. He was the changeling the party knew as Tikulti or Yog. There is a shallow wound on his body where he carved off his skin and his King’s Shadows tattoo.

After the battle, the bodies of the crew and goblins are gathered up and the chaplan cats gentle repose on the bodies to preserve them until they can either be revived or buried.

The party finds Yeraa’s journal. They discover that Yeraa had a great deal of respect for Dex, but did not trust Arasinya, who she believed to be either a fool or a liar (or both). From Yeraa’s notes, the party learns that to reassemble the crown it is necessary to perform the “Rite of Arkantaash” in a place holy to ancient Dhakaan. Yeraa intended to perform the rite in Ashurta’s Tomb. Sprot’s role was to aid with the assembly of the crown, or if all pieces of the crown could not be recovered, to create forgeries of the pieces that would work sufficiently well to convince the goblins that Yeraa had the original intact crown. As much as Yeraa professed to believe the Gods and the Ancestors were guiding her, she worried that she was not chosen and was merely headstrong, ruthless, and lucky enough to make her way this far. At any moment, she fears that her luck may run out, or the gods or ancestors might find her unworthy.

The airship returns to Sharn and the party splits up. Boggs heads off on his own. Tinker and Aurora go to meet Bonekeeper. Dex and Arasinya head to goblin slums in the depths of Sharn. But are all followed! Tinker and Aurora shake off their tails by reporting those following them to the Sharn Watch. Those following Dex and Arasinya disappear mysteriously in the dangerous streets of the slums. Boggs tries to shake pursuit by slipping into a bar. The half-orc following him enters the bar and confronts Boggs. Boggs realizes that the half-orc is working for Graeb Shanks. A fight breaks out between the two and Boggs is knocked unconscious.


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