The Ashen Crown, the Lords of Madness, and the Queen of Death

Mallora's Return

The party rushes to Gydd Nephret’s lodgings to find that she is gone, arriving shortly after a winged zombie departed with someone clutched in its arms. Unfortunately, the apartment was not empty. Dala Arand and four zombies are waiting hungrily for the party. Dala Arand reveals herself to be Mallora, the necromancer that the party had fought during the Mourning, the very same necromancer that Aurora had killed. Mallora’s bid for vengeance comes to a sudden end thanks in part to a sudden indoor storm and a surprisingly realistic carving of an axe. With her dying words she swears the party will suffer the vengeance of “Erandis”.

Yeraa, who accompanied Dex to the scene, is impressed with the party’s skill in combat. No friend of either elves or undead, Yeraa is now inclined to think well of the party, but still wants to know where Karruuk’s Circlet is now and why the tempestuous sorceress stole it from Yeraa in the first place.


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