The Ashen Crown, the Lords of Madness, and the Queen of Death

Shadowing Dala Arand

Maltassar Bogs learns that Gydd Nephret’s elvish research assistant is in fact a greater undead that feeds on the living. Dala is likely responsible for the dried up husks of corpses that the Sharn Watch has been finding in the vicinity of (but never on) Morgrave campus.

Maltassar follows her to an apartment, where she is joined by Dannae Ulyan and Jaenus. The occupants of the apartment – eight elves in total- depart for places unknown. Maltassar discovers Drago’s diary, from which he learns that the Emerald Claw are working together with a group of elves known as the Skullborn, and that Drago and the other four Karrnathi had been watching Yeraa and her band. It seems that the Skullborn and the Emerald Claw are after the crown.

Meanwhile at Dex’s caravan

Dex discovers that her caravan has taken on a group of 6 hobgoblin and 3 goblin theatre performers. The caravan master, Warryn Alston, has suddenly decided to take his caravan north. Heeding the rumours of banditry to the north, Alston has asked Dex to help him hire on some trustworthy mercenaries to protect the caravan.

But the “theatre troupe” is none other than Yeraa and her band. Dex is invited to dinner with them and has a chance to talk things over with Yeraa. Yeraa is rather impressed by Dex’s exploits and tells her that she’d like the two of them to have a duel some time.

Later, at the King’s Citadel

Gydd tells Tinker in a state of panic that she’s planning to pack, leave the city, and go into hiding. She has learned that Lady Dannae Ulyan is in fact Demise, a Skullborn necromancer.

The Bonekeeper receives the news from Arasinya, Maltassar, Aurora, and Tinker with dismay and orders them to find Gydd Nephret and bring her into protective custody.

Overhead, a storm is brewing.


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