The Ashen Crown, the Lords of Madness, and the Queen of Death

Tea with Gydd Nephret

Aurora, Tinker, and Arasinya (eventually) meet with Professor Gydd Nephret. Gydd, as it happens, is having breakfast with an elvish historian, Lady Dannae Ulyan from Aerenal, and the lady’s associate, Jaenus.

Both Gydd Nephret and Dannae Ulyan are experts on the crown and are, respectively, able to provide the party with the crown’s elvish and goblins histories.

Originally, the Ashen Crown was made by the elves and was said to have the power to return long dead heroes to life and/or allow the wearer to commune with the spirits of said heroes.

When the elves invaded the continent, they brought the crown with them. When they were ultimately repulsed by the goblin armies, the hobgoblin empress claimed the crown as her own and it became the crown of the empire until the empire’s eventual fall in the war with Belashyrra, the Lord of Eyes, and his kin.

Before the fall, the crown was sundered into five pieces that were wielded by the Dhakaani Empire’s greatest heroes. Those pieces have come to be known by the names of those who last wielded them.

The pieces are:

Murkoorak’s Orb – found by Ijavik in a pawn shop with the help of Arik’s prophetic knowledge. Ijavik called it the “focus” and used it to arm first a bomb in a townhouse and then a second bomb under Morgrave University’s Hall of Psionics. Currently in Arasinya’s possession.

Ashurta’s Blade – found by the party in Ashurta’s tomb, used by Bren and Dex to slay the head of the cult of Belashyrra, and now in Yeraa’s possession.

Karruuk’s Circlet – found by Professor Gydd Nephret at a dig near the border of Darguun, the goblin nation. Stolen from the museum during the bomb scare (in all likelihood with the King’s Citadel looking the other way). Stolen from Yeraa, the hobgoblin “princess”, by Arasinya. Currently in Aurora’s possession.

Zaarani’s Solitaire – found by Dex in her mother’s wagon, apparently an heirloom of a sort. Currently in Dex’s possession.

Lurtaan’s Cord – a belt, location unknown.


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