The Ashen Crown, the Lords of Madness, and the Queen of Death

The King's Citadel and House Lyrandar

Bobomir “Bob” Kalaes and the “Bonekeeper” brief Tinker, Aurora, and Dex on the matter of Yeraa and the Ashen Crown. The party learns that Yeraa belongs to a goblin clan known as the Word Bearers, or “Kech Volaar”, as it is said in goblin. The Word Bearers are one of only two goblin clans that have existed since before the fall of the ancient goblin empire, Dhakaan. The Word Bearers consider themselves to be the bearers and keepers of Dhakaan culture and knowledge. Their primary intent is to see the rebirth of Dhakaani civilization by bringing true peace, stability, and prosperity to the goblin nation of Darguun. Yeraa claims to be a distant descendent of the last Empress of Dhakaan.

Haruuc, the High King of Darguun has a tenuous grasp on power and civil war seems likely. The King’s Citadel fears that a goblin clan that desires war might come to power. In particular, the Blade Bearers, the only other goblin clan that survived the fall of Dhakaan and the clan that King Ashurta once lead, and has called for war with Breland so that the goblins may reclaim their lost city beneath Sharn.

For the sake of Breland and the delicate peace of the last four years, the King’s Citadel is secretly supporting Yeraa’s bid for power. Yeraa is too proud to accept their help (and indeed, accepting their help would make her look like a puppet of a foreign power and thus destroy any chance she has of becoming the leader of Darguun). But Yeraa has hired House Lyrandar to provide her with an airship.

The Bonekeeper offers Dex, Aurora, and Tinker the job of aiding Yeraa in getting the crown. Dex turns the offer down, but Aurora and Tinker accept.

Tinker and Aurora learn that the Bonekeeper is a dragon that once served the King of Galifar before the kingdom dissolved into civil war and that she blames herself for some of the events that lead to the 100 years of conflict. The Bonekeeper is the head of the King’s Shadows, a branch of the King’s Citadel that Tinker and Aurora certainly have not heard of, though they may have heard of the Dark Lanterns- the King’s Citadel better known, larger, better funded, and as Maltassar Bogs would know, much, much more bureaucratic spy organization.

There are two King’s Shadow agents (at least) assigned to this mission- Maltassar Bogs and a changeling named Yog, who ironically enough is posing as the hobgoblin Tikulti in Yeraa’s band, the very same individual who in a state of panic after having lost track of Arasinya hired the five Karrnathi. Furious with Yog for mistaking the Emerald Claw agents for ordinary mercenaries, the Bonekeeper puts Maltassar in charge of the mission.

The Bonekeeper orders Aurora and Tinker to meet with Professor Gydd Nephret, the leading expert on the lore of the Ashen Crown, in order to gain the necessary background on the nature of the crown. Gydd Nephret is a civilian and has no clearance for any secrets, and so the party is to approach her as students or civilians with an interest in the crown but no official connections.

The party has suggested that Gydd Nephret ought not to be trusted given the role she is prophesied to play in leading to the end of the world. The Bonekeeper believes Gydd is trustworthy and that she played a causal role, but not an intentional role in leading the world down this path by finding the circlet in a tomb and bringing it to the museum in Sharn.

The party also asked the King’s Citadel to investigate and/or apprehend Dala Arland, which the King’s Citadel has agreed to do.


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