The Ashen Crown, the Lords of Madness, and the Queen of Death

The Rite of Arkantaash

Bogs regains consciousness in the bar and manages to bribe the bartender into letting him leave before the cops show up. Bogs makes his getaway just in time too, as Graeb Shanks arrives looking for him with a retinue of gnoll bodyguards, one of whom is walking the Shank’s prize pet cockatrice.

In a meeting with Bonekeeper, Tinker and Aurora discover that House Lyrandar will be sponsoring and arranging for the attempted resurrection of Yeraa and her band because the King’s Citadel cannot appear to be involved in any way. As neither Bonekeeper nor the party trust House Lyrandar, Tinker and Aurora resolve to see the bodies safely taken into House Jorasco’s custody.

Meanwhile, Dex and Arasinya meet with a hobgoblin priest of the Sovereign Host, in charge of the closest still active temple to the borough of Blackroot. The priest is surprised by their interest in ancient Dhakaani rituals, remarking that he had another visitor earlier, an elf woman, with similar interests. Unfortunately, the book she had been reading is now missing. The priest finds a book with some useful information on the Rite of Arkantaash and lets Dex and Arasinya transcribe its contents. The rite allows the crown to be reunified or sundered. Of particular note, the passage claims that the ritual may be learned by possessing all five Crown fragments and meditating upon them for five days in a holy site of lost Dhakaan.

Upon returning to the airship, Tinker and Aurora discover that the deathgaunts have left the airship wearing travelling cloaks, taking with them the corpse of “Tikulti”, the changeling impostor who posed as Yog, the citadel agent, and Baron Kessler, the leader of the Emerald Claw.

Bogs meets with the Bonekeeper and after careful questioning, Bonekeeper provides him with a new tattoo. Bogs returns to the airship to find that Tinker and Aurora have already left for House Jorasco.

Dex and Arasinya return to Blackroot temple to find that the boards over the doors have been removed and the doors have been flung upon. Sneaking into the crypt, they discover that Ashurta’s tomb has been desecrated. Demise is there, in the midst of performing some ritual. With her are two prisoners, one of which is Professor Gydd Nephret and the other of which is Sprot. Demise is also well armed, with three zombies and four skeletons under her command. Arasinya sends her familiar, the raven, into the tomb to taunt and claw at Demise whilst Dex quietly searches for a way to deal with the situation.

At House Jorasco, the ritual to resurrect the dead is underway. Aurora resolves to stay by Yeraa’s side, while Bogs and Tinker head off to Blackroot temple in search of Dex and Arasinya.

Tinker and Bogs arrive at the tomb as Dex and Arasinya launch a surprise attack on Demise.


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